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Everything I LOVE...so YOU can LOVE it too!!!!

In the spirit of October being my favorite month, I am going to share all of my absolute FAVORITE things with you! Yes...yesss. I know! I have done a few blog posts like this before,  but THIS time...I am letting you know everything. Lots of you ask about what I use for my daily routine and others ask about beauty recommendations, so today I am providing you with an all access pass to all of my secrets. Okay....Secrets may be the wrong word to use here, because I don't have any secrets!!! Haha! Hmm...well. Just kidding. I love to share tips! That's why I do what I do! So...let's GET STARTED!!!
The number one thing that I get compliments on is my hair...especially, since I cut it short almost a year ago. Everywhere I go, strangers stop me. Whether it is in stores, restaurants or even the bathroom at work ... they stop to ask me where I get it done!! It's crazy cool, not to mention a super awesome confidence booster. SHORT HAIR ROCKS!
Salon: Kolorbar NYC- Ask for Max! I have been going to Max for about 6 years now. I have followed him to 3 different salons, 2 of which he has owned and operated. Max is an AMAZING artist when it comes to cut and color. Originally from China and trained in London, he has literally worked all over the world, constantly learning and updating his techniques for new trends and styles. He is truly a master artist. Not only has he mastered my hair, but I have recommended him to several of my friends and family. Even my sister travels from Buffalo to get her hair done now.
What I ASK FOR:  COLOR: Light Ashe Blonde Highlights / Ashe Toner / Clear Gloss
CUT: Chin length Short- Angled Bob- My inspiration drew from Julianne Hough's cute short bob...now I sport my own version :) Make sure that your stylist really texturizes the cut to get that choppy effect. Max also uses an undercut so that my bottom layer near the base of my skull is actually much shorter than the layer on top. This way the bob will always curl under instead of flipping out while wearing it straight. This cut has made my life 100% simpler, because it is SO easy to maintain! I don't have to sit there with a roller brush for 30 minutes trying to perfect that curl.
Shampoo and Conditioner: Based on Max's recommendations, I use AVEDA Blue Malva to maintain the ashy tones. I do suggest using the conditioner 1-2 times a week. Using it more can cause it too look TOO ASHY. So be careful! I also use AVEDA Color Conserve in between uses. For years, I have used BIOSILK Silk Therapy Conditioner too, but only really because of the amazing fragrance. It lasts all day.
Products: I don't really like to use a lot of product in my hair, but I swear by Kerastase V.I.P. Volume in Powder. It acts as a dry shampoo and can maintain my blowouts for 2-3 days without washing in between. Remember, it is SOOO important not to over wash your hair. Letting your natural oils work their magic can lead to healthy beautiful hair for years to come!! 
One last note...if I happen to use hairspray, I really love Frizz Ease Firm Hold Hairspray. Just a little spritz will do, when I wear my hair wavy. It allows movement and protects against humidity for up to 24 hours. 
Face it. No pun intended there. The most fabulous thing that we all wear is our skin! The fanciest of dresses won't even make us feel beautiful if our skin is a mess. One pimple or one wrinkle can really bring us down. The largest organ in your body goes through a lot of wear and tear when up against environmental factors, hormones, allergies just to name a few. The first step to feeling beautiful on the outside will always be your skin, so that in the long run the beauty and confidence you have on the inside will shine through. 
Skincare Regimen: It has been years and years of skin dilemmas. Just like each and every one of you, I have done it all, tried it all and cried over it all.

Scenario 1- Mom: "Don't pick at it, you will only make it worse." Me: (In bathroom, straining to see)...pick, pick...pop. RESULT: SCARS!
Scenario 2- Me: "I am going NATURAL. I can DIY everything!!!!" Result: 100 dollar Whole Foods Shopping Spree Extravaganza later, my face looks like a SCIENCE EXPERIMENT! I learn that I am allergic to DIY projects (along with coconut and almond.)
Scenario 3: Me: Step into Sephora and buy everything the employees recommend. I learn a valuable lesson in not giving in to pushy salespeople and that I have little to no results,  with lingering fine lines and blemishes from products working against each other.
Scenario 4: I discover RODAN + FIELDS and miracle of miracles, I feel like a NEW WOMAN!

Finally, after being introduced to the line by a friend that sells it, I have found a regimen that works for me. My main issues are my forehead expression lines and the fine lines under my eyes. I do have blemishes from time to time ( Nothing compared to NEVER DO IT YOURSELF AGAINmageddon), but normally that is hormonal. Any blemishes I had suffered from were cleared up by the these amazing products. So after a consult with my friend, this is what I use:

REDEFINE Regimen for the Appearance of Lines, Pores and Loss of Firmness-
Includes a Daily Cleansing Mask - Twice a Day
Pore Minimizing Toner- Twice a Day
AM Triple Defense Treatment- During the Day
PM Overnight Restoration Cream- At Night
Along with this regimen I use: 
AMP MD System- This consists of an amazing little tool called the  Micro- Exfoliating Needle Roller that I use at night to ROLL my LINES away. I follow it with a night renewing capsule.  I really believe this is the MIRACLE worker that has transformed my skin. My lines have started to diminish and my skin looks so much healthier.
Microdermabrasion Paste- An exfoliating paste that I use twice a week. My skin tone and texture have improved drastically. Blackheads are gone and the dry skin that I once suffered from around my nose is gone.
I am OBSESSED with these products. They are definitely on the pricier side, but completely WORTH the investment, especially at my age. Over time your skin changes and the products you once used may not have the same effect anymore. I feel so much more confident in my skin these days that for one month shy of turning 32, people have said I could pass for my mid- twenties. Plain and simple, this line WORKS!!! If you are interested, my friend is a consultant ...so just let me know :)
During my 20's, CERAVE really worked for me. I love their hydrating cleanser and moisturizer creams. You can find those at the drugstore.
Sunless Tanning: Every once in a while I like to treat myself to a spray tan, especially for special occasions! Laying in beds is SOOOOO unhealthy ladies. That goes for guys too. Why even risk it when there are better alternatives? I have found one of the BEST spray tan artists out there at Gotham Glow right here in NYC. The owner Tamar is AMAZING and she actually crafted the FDA approved all natural, odorless solution. Every tan I have had looks completely natural, like I just walked off a beach in the Caribbean. NO orange here. This coming from the fair- skinned blonde from Buffalo. :) NATURAL!
Body Moisturizers: I love The Body Shop. My favorite every day moisturizer is their Shea Butter Body Whip Lotion. The fragrance is so fresh plus I never have dry skin anymore. If I happen to be wearing a skirt or anything that shows off my legs, I also use their Coconut Milk Body lotion. It leaves my legs looking silky with a fresh coconut scent that I always get compliments on. Even with my allergy to coconut, this never causes breakouts or rashes that others have left behind. Normally the store always has sales, so you can leave with multiple bottles for less! :)

Face: Foundation- Givenchy Photo'Perfexion- I really haven't found another that I like as much that doesn't result in breakouts. I wear #4 Perfect Vanilla. This formula never feels cakey and does a pretty good job concealing and smoothing out my skin. I don't wear foundation every day ( especially since my skin has cleared up)...only for special occasions.
Concealer: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer- I do use concealer every day to even out the tone under my eyes and around my nose. I use Vanilla. This creamy formula is very light and conceals without sitting in my lines.
Bronzer- NARS Laguna
Brows: I cannot say this enough. Filling in your brows will give your face so much LIFE! When I look at photos before I discovered how to use brow pencils and gel, it literally looks like my brows did not exist. Check out this post back in April.  When I finally put up a Lost and Found ad, Anastasia Brow Whiz came to the rescue and helped me find them. I love DARK brows. Naturally, I haven't been blessed with full bushy brows, so Beverly Hills Anastasia makes it happen.
Brow Wiz- Dark Brown- Brow Precision at its best.
Tinted Brow Gel- Expresso ( This helps give them volume. Trust me..it works.)
Eyes: Urban Decay Naked Palettes- They are all amazing. My absolute favorite shades to work with are Smog, Roasted, Buzz and Liar. These palettes are amazing. Do yourselves a favor and splurge on them. They last a long time. I read somewhere recently that they were selling knockoffs downtown somewhere. DO NOT buy them. I heard it had some sort of rodent poo in them. EWW. Can you imagine?? Pizza rat may have taken a dump in your eyeshadow!!
Mascara: DIOR Extase in Black- Lengthens and volumizes without clumping. I haven't found one that I like better. Been using this for 5 years.
Lips: As you can see in most of my posts, I love a pop of color on my lips. My number one favorite red is Nars Dragon Girl. This color looks amazing against my fair skin. It has a bit of a
blue-ish undertone where as orangey reds don't really work on me. I also have a few other pencils from this line. My favorite pink for a more neutral day is Urban Decay's Native. It is a pretty pale pink creamy lipstick.

Well that is all I can think of for today. Stay tuned to the blog this week for details on the outfit I am wearing in the photo. xoxo

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