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The Met Gala Recap

The 2016 Met Gala
"Manus x Machina"
Fashion in Technology
The biggest night in fashion did not disappoint. Anna Wintour's Met fundraiser brought the most prominent stars from both the hollywood and fashion worlds together for a beautiful showcase of sequins, feathers, leather and yes...even latex designs. Everyone from the Kardashian clan to European royalty showed up for the glamorous event. Just like every years's theme, some went all out while others stuck to the beat of their own drum. Taylor Swift and Idris Elba helped Anna co-chair the evening's event. 
Sticking with the theme, I feel like the following ladies could all star in a movie about a war between planets. Let me call it 'Queens of the Universe.' A tale of the most  beautiful women fighting a vicious war to take over the galaxy. It would star the following: 

Nicole Kidman -Queen of Mercury
"Beautiful, powerful and leader of the galaxy for centuries. Her reign is at stake as leaders from other parts of the galaxy want to take over...." 
Getty Images

Taylor Swift- Queen of Mercury's First in Command 
"Fearless and ready to fight to the death, this girl has bad blood with anyone that stands in her way...."
Getty Images

Zendaya- Queen of Venus
"Although her name means "thankful", this queen is tired of being in second planet- place. It's her turn to "Shake it Up."
Getty Images

Alicia Vikander- Queen of Venus' First in Command
"Willing to give her all for her queen, don't be fooled by her smile. She is as cold as steel and  all  Machina..."
Getty Images

Kate Bosworth- Queen of Saturn
" This beautiful and delicate queen doesn't want to join the fight so she tries to convince everyone to keep the peace. She uses her rings to promote unity."
Getty Images

Zoe Saldana- The Earth Goddess
"Watching from afar and not wanting to take center stage, she is ready to intervene if need be. Agrees with Saturn on wanting to keep the peace..."
Getty Images

Katy Perry- The Dark Horse
"The most ruthless of them all...no one saw her coming, but boy did they heard her roar. Somewhere beyond the dark side of the moon, she flew in, determined to take everyone down in her path. .."
Getty Images

Ok, so after all that fun, let me get to my absolute favorites of the night...theme or no theme. 

Lily Collins in Valentino
Getty Images

Ciara in H&M
Getty Images

Lily Aldridge in Michael Kors
*She also wins my vote for best beauty look. I LOVEEE the gold brows. I want to try this some day. 
Getty Images

Chloe Grace Moretz in Coach
Getty Images

Juno Temple in Erdem
Getty Images

Zoey Deutch in Dolce & Gabbana
Getty Images

Amber Valleta in H&M
Getty Images

Willow (in Chanel) and Jaden Smith
Getty Images

Blake Lively in Burberry
Getty Images

Top 5 Looks
5. Ciara in H&M
4. Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen
3. Zoe Saldana in Dolce & Gabbana 
2. Lily Collins in Valentino
1. Kate Bosworth in Dolce &Gabbana

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