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Color inspires us in our every day lives. Whether it's the power color that makes you feel confident for that important event or one that makes you feel sexy and beautiful, color can determine an emotion from within. We all have a favorite shade of lipstick and a favorite color to wear. As for myself, my favorite color to wear is red. Why? Perhaps it's the fact that I am a November baby and a born scorpio, so the color evokes my fiery side. Or, maybe I just like the way it compliments my fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. All I know... is that it gives me #VIBES. Thanks Kanye!
This isn't to say that I don't like wearing others as well. 1/3 of my closet may be made up of 50 Shades of Red (get your mind out of the gutter), but I also love to dress up in a bold coral or pink during the warm summer months or sport different shades of blue as well. I even like to throw in some black each season to get in touch with my edgier side. It makes me feel ROCKER! Staying true to form, black almost always has to be paired up with a red lip. Same goes for white. 
So with all that being said, I am going to take MaKa Style on a journey of exploring the color spectrum. Each month I will showcase similar shades to show each and everyone of you how to work them, rock them and style them into your every day look. While these colors make us feel good, let's make them look good too! 
I can't think of a better way to start this new direction off with other than my favorite color!! So for the month of May, I will be working with bold shades of red! Stay Beautiful! xoxo

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