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Spring Sunshine

This New York weather was GORGEOUS last week! Too bad I missed most of it by passing out at work and face planting in the hallway. Yeah that happened and yes it did result in a mild concussion. It was so scary.... but I did get myself checked out and everything is ok. NOTE TO SELF....and all of  my readers: We ALWAYS have to make sure we listen to our bodies and know when to take a break!!!! Sometimes we don't even realize how hard or fast we are pushing ourselves. It is so important to stay in tune with your mind and body. Listen to it!!
  After a week of rest and FORCED relaxation ( anyone who knows me...realizes that this is pretty impossible) I am back at the grind. At least by this past weekend, I was on the mend  and able to get out and enjoy some sunshine with the hubby and our Bujiboo. Chick flicks, pampering and sleep can really help a girl out! :)
Last weekend, we decided to venture out like any other WELL-RESTED day...and take a walk along the river outside our apartment. We tried to get some cuter shots with the pup, but she has never really been one for photos. She was way more interested in the sights and smells of the outside world. We were only able to manage a few good ones. Hehe.
 For the outing, I kept it casual with my olive green anorak that I just bought last month. I am obsessed with it because I tend to like the more over-sized fit on me. I ended up buying it in medium but the small would have worked. With the medium, I can layer more underneath for the colder months. I also like that it has an asymmetrical zipper for an added dash of style. The jacket also has a hood. :) There are so many looks that I have already rocked with it, so I can't wait to style some more. For this outing,  I paired it with a basic tank from ASOS (which runs standard in sizing) and a favorite pair of my J Brand jeans. I slipped into the most comfortable pair of suede Toms and off we went! Make sure you get out wherever you are this weekend and enjoy the weather! xoxo
JACKET: Express | TANK: ASOS  Other colors available here ASOS  (They have gray too!) |  JEANS: Bloomingdale's | SHOES: Bloomingdale's (TOMS)


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