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Get to Know Me Blogger Awards TAG!

Hi everyone! This is a special post because I was nominated for the Get to Know Me Blogger Tag on Instagram by my IG friend Memzfaay (https://modishmemoire.com). I really have met some lovely ladies on the Instagram blogger community, but Memz has always been the most supportive with all of her sweet compliments of encouragement.  Please take the time to click on the link and check out her website. 
This tag means so much to me, because after a long hiatus throughout the winter due to my father's illness, I am getting back into the swing of things so the exposure really helps! I have so much planned for the blog, including finally getting my own domain name and making the website look a whole lot cooler!! Yes...no more .blogspot!! Looking forward to all that is to come!! 

For now let me get to the questions, Miss Memz wrote for me!!

1. What was the last movie you watched? What did you think?
I have to mention two, because it was over the course of last weekend. 
a. The first movie was a romantic independent film titled Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong starring fellow fashion blogger and actress Jamie Chung ( whatthechung.com ) and her real life husband Bryan Greenberg. ( PS. LOVED him in the film The Good Guy...it is a must watch!) The movie had one of those loose endings that gave zero closure to the viewer which always drives me nuts. However, the city scenes of Hong Kong were really interesting to see. Reminded me a lot of New York.  
b. For my second film, my hairdresser, Max (also from Hong Kong) convinced me to watch Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Apart from the random flying scenes, I thought the cinematography was AMAZING! The movie is a foreign film about Kung Fu fighters that takes place in the Wu Dang mountains in China. What sets it apart from other Kung Fu movies, is that the central characters are female..and boy do they kick some butt! Zhang Ziyi is the main actress. You may recognize her from Memoirs of a Geisha ( one of my all time favorite movies). Ok so there. I gave you 4 movies to watch for the price of 2. Haha. 

2. Who is your hero?
Besides J-Lo ( because let's get real...will she ever age?) Haha. I would have to say my mother. My mother has been taking care of my father ever since his lymphoma diagnosis this past November. This means daily trips to the cancer institute, whether it is to visit my Dad when he is admitted for treatments or  daily appointments for outpatient services such as blood tests and scans. When he is home, my mother tends to his bedside 24/7. Both of my parents, 63, are exactly 1 day apart. This time has taken a toll on her yet she has shown so much strength, love and compassion for my father during this trying journey. I remind her to take care of herself too, which she reassures me that she is doing...but her commitment is so full of love and faith...it is awe- inspiring. She is the epitome of a loving wife and mother. I hope one day, when I have children of my own...I am instilled with the same strengths as her.

3. Is there anything that you wish would come back into fashion? 
Call me a history nerd, but wouldn't it be fun for just one day..to dress up in big ballgowns and beautiful lace corsets as the ladies of the French Renaissance or Victorian Era did. Come to think of it...it would be rather uncomfortable, but I would love to walk the park with a pretty parasol and dance the night away in fanciful frills in a grand ballroom just for the experience. My favorite movies and books take place during those eras, so I can't help myself. Aside from that, my individual style is more urban bohemian so anything '70s inspired is on trend this season. Yay me! 

4. How many languages do you speak?
About 1.5 and three quarters... 
Took Spanish for 6 years and remember the basics....
A few words in Polish which is my ethnicity from my mother's side.
A few phrases or words in Yoruba (the native language of my Lagos, Nigerian born husband) 
"Mo nife e"- I Love You

5. What is your best accomplishment as a blogger? 
I think hitting 100 posts was pretty awesome. In the past, I had the tendency to do or try too much at the same time, so really sticking to one project could seem daunting. Would I maintain interest? Get bored? Not have enough time? How would I do this with a full-time job? So many questions have come to mind, but I am still here. Can't say that I am surprised, since fashion has always been my passion since FOREVER! Whether it was playing store with my cutouts from the weekly advertisements in local retail stores to setting out my sister's outfit each day for school from the age of 7....I would say this has always been a part of me. :)

( Always love following these ladies. Love their use of color, style and location. Gorgeous ladies, awesome style!!)  Check out their sites! 

Cynthia- simplycyn.com  (IG: SimplyCyn)

Pari- thecentralsteppes.com (IG: TheCentralSteppes

Stephanie- sittingprettystyling.com (IG:SittingPrettyStyle

Questions for my nominees: 

1. How did you get into blogging? 

2. If you could style any celebrity, who would it be? 

3. What ideal destination would you like to travel to and why? 

4. What is your favorite fashion decade?

5. What is your favorite motto? 

Til next time, 
Mary Kay xoxo

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