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I cannot believe that it has been one year already! As we reflect on this past year as a couple, I can honestly say without a doubt that it just KEEPS ON GETTING BETTER! I know. It sounds so cliche and cheesy, but I honestly love Timi more and more each day. Without all the anxiety of planning a wedding this past year, our weekends have been spent enjoying each other's company and getting out to explore the city more.
The blog has been a creative outlet for us both. I have asked him time and again to be honest with me about it, because it takes dedication and time to find new locations to shoot and most importantly it takes patience on his end to listen to my direction on setting up shots and so on and so forth! With everything, he has been nothing but supportive. We both genuinely encourage each other on in what we do. We cheer each other on. He has always been my biggest supporter. He gets me, understands me and always inspires me.
 If I could give any advice to newlyweds out there, I would like to say... take your first year or two to really enjoy your marriage. Enjoy each other. Be selfish with each other. Indulge each other. Don't be in such a rush. The days that you just spend laying around cuddling and binging on Netflix go by so much slower than the ones where you are running around. Enjoy those moments, because time flies on by. After nearly 8 years together, this past year has truly been my favorite. I can't really put it all down in words as to how things change when you get married. They just do. I am so proud to be Timi's wife and look forward to the future and the excitement that each day will bring.

 I thought Central Park would be the most perfect and romantic location to shoot for this special post. During our short time there on this particular day, we witnessed 2 proposals along the Bow Bridge and about 4 or 5 weddings. That alone proves everything. To me, it is the most beautiful part of the city.  Each time I wander down a path, I find something new amongst the beautiful trees, fields and lakes. There are times where you can forget that you're even in the city until you catch a glimpse of the skyscrapers through the trees, but even so, it still provides a peaceful serenity. Plus, its where Timi and I had one of our first romantic dates early on under the stars while listening to the NYC Philharmonic perform. Swoon.

The whole concept of this shoot began with another idea, but I am so happy with the way it turned out. I think I love Timi's velvet blazer more than this dress. My style tends to be a bit more "Urban Bohemian" than this, but I am so happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone. The theme fits New York perfectly and blue is my man's favorite color. Go figure since he is a huge Chelsea, Yankees and Giants fan...so it was kinda meant to be. ;) Besides, as soon as I put on the dress, his look said it all. 

Dress: Badgley Mischka / Tuxedo Pants: J. Crew / Jacket: ZARA / Earrings: Etsy / Lip: YSL

Photography: Jayme Muir 
Follow her at https://kitchenbird.wordpress.com

A little re-cap back to our wedding day... 

Music: Susie Suh x Robot Koch- "Here With Me"

Thank you for following this journey with us!! xoxo

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