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In a village far, far away downtown... via the F line away from all the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, there is a place I love to go.
Its a quaint and quiet place where cobblestone streets are lined with trees that provide shade for all of the beautiful townhouses with their red, green and black colored doors. On every other corner, you'll pass by the window of a coffee house where you'll see locals sitting and reading their papers while sipping their organic brew.
As you walk by each private stoop,  you start to notice that few cars have gone by... just mainly pedestrians and bicyclists passing through. If walking in pairs, you step aside as another walks through while exchanging a warm and pleasant smile as you pass each other by. And finally, the best in restaurants and boutiques can be found hidden among the beautiful ivy covered buildings that promise the most delicious meals.
In one of the most expensive parts of the city,  a pretty penny is paid for the privacy and luxury that is provided for those who live here. Luckily for us, its just a 2.75 subway fare and a few stops away.
On Christopher Street, you will find the Lucille Lortel Theatre. In NYC's own version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, this sidewalk is dedicated to the great theatre playwrights of our time. The Playwrights' Sidewalk is located directly in front of the theatre.  I decided to pose with a couple. Hello Arthur and Tennessee! PS. Another great discovery in this amazing city!
So in love with my hat. I have been looking for a red hat forever!! ZARA made it happen!! I plan on matching it with so many cute outfits this Fall. 
I wasn't too sure about the fringe trend, but I am loving on these boots! They have the perfect heel that doesn't make it too hard to walk on a day like today!
Dress: Free People / Hat: ZARA / Boots: Kenneth Cole at Bloomingdale's / Bag: ZARA 
  Lip: NARS Dragon Girl

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