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DATE NIGHT: High Heels and Denim


Another weekend has come and gone. On Saturday,  the hubby and I went to see The Man from U.N.C.L.E for our date night. The movie was great! I laughed more than I thought I would. If you are an action fan like Timi, then I would highly suggest it. Lots of eye candy for my lady friends too! ;)  

As for my look, I went for a laid back vibe. I swear....NOTHING is sexier than DENIM AND HEELS. I am such a girly girl when its comes to dressing up. I love a beautiful flowy dress. However, when I walked out of the bedroom in this plain white tee, jeans and heel combo last night, Timi's eyeballs nearly popped out.  It not only made me feel beautiful, but it made me feel incredibly sexy too! Take a note ladies.....guys appreciate the less is more approach when it comes to dressing up. This of course makes it easier on us, because I was SUPER comfortable as well! 
Sidenote of Self Confidence: I was FEELIN' MY HAIR! For some reason, the waves came out perfect last night! SUCCESS!
iPhone pic doesn't do these babies justice!
Heels: Nordstrom / Top: ZARA / Jewelry: Necklace- Banana Republic / Bracelet- Banana Republic

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