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This past summer, we have spent more weekends in Brooklyn than we can count. I LOVE IT THERE!! We keep discovering cool little niches that we haven't seen before. Its hard to believe I have been living in NY for nearly 8 years now without seeing some of these places. Brooklyn may be a borough away, but it always seemed like a foreign land to me..one of them being the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. The promenade offers some of the most stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. Once construction is completed down in the park below, it will be quite the romantic little spot. We discovered a basketball court situated right on the water down below. If I played ball, that is definitely where I would go. Its amazing!!
Brooklyn Bridge park definitely doesn't disappoint either. Great spot for a date or a friendly outing. Even though the sun was beating down on us yesterday, being near the river... offered a cool breeze that made for some great hair moments!! ;) PS. I washed my hair the night before, and it literally air dried and turned out the way you see it. I didn't even brush it. SHORT HAIR PERKS!
As an added bonus, we found a few amazing murals on our walk back to the train and finally saw The River Cafe. I made a request with my hubby that our first wedding anniversary dinner must be celebrated there. I can't imagine anything more romantic in the city. The restaurant is located right near the bridge with the MOST amazing views.
  I am so happy that blogging has given us the opportunity to get out there and see everything we have been missing. Brooklyn, we LOVE YOU! 
These jeans are the most comfortable jeans I have EVER WORN IN MY LIFE. They might cost a pretty penny, but it is totally worth it. I recently bought them from Bloomingdale's on pre-sale so I got them on sale! YEAH! BABY, I'm WORTH IT!
 This pair is a high rise fit called the Maria. My favorite fit is normally a mid-rise but these fit like a glove without cutting off my circulation. I like a little bit of room in anything, as long as they maintain their shape. I was looking for a darker pair, so this particular wash is called After Dark. The fabric is so soft. The ruffled blouse just added the perfect touch. 
I feel most comfortable in denim. Dressed up or down, they are the most universal thing a girl can have in her closet!
Top: ASOS / Jeans: J Brand / Heels: Nordstrom / Sandals: DSW (N/A) / Necklace: Banana Republic 

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