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MaKa's Favorite Things- JULY

MAC Cosmetics Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara
On my recent trip to Miami Beach, I indulged in getting my makeup done for a night on the town. Along with my makeover, I had my choice of free mascaras. The artist suggested the Extended Play Gigablack. To be honest, I let it sit in my makeup bin for weeks because when it comes to tiny lashes,  I am a diehard fan of Dior Extase.  So when I finally gave in, I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. My lashes were lengthened, volumized and evenly separated (if that even makes sense.) Sometimes mascara can thicken too quickly and clumpify (ok..I just make that word up) but this didn't. It doesn't dry immediately and it allows a nice build up after a few applications. I like to add it it to one side, apply to the other and then go back for one more swipe. It's great for work days or casual outings when you don't want all that drama. Save that for the weekend. 

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Nail Enamel in Wild Card
Who doesn't love those Gel Nail salon applications that last 2 weeks or more?? I first got them for my wedding, and then my honeymoon and then another vacation...but even though my addiction was catching on, I knew this all too good beauty secret wasn't really great at all. All those UV rays on your hands aren't too hot of an idea. So to save my skin and my delicate hands, I have been trying the lesser expensive ( and SAFER) version of store bought brands. Currently, I am obsessed with this color. It's the perfect pop of color to wear for the summer against my favorite shades of red and bright pink. Give it a try! 8 dollars vs 45?!?! It's worth it!!! Why not make a night of it with a glass of wine and a chic flick while you're at it. Hmmm...that does sound like a good plan. BRB!

Norbu Bijoux
Every now and then my hubby and I venture into Brooklyn. Come to think of it, I find myself to be more of a Brooklynite than Manhattan, with all of its splendor and stylish boho finds. Then there is Prospect Park and Juliette's and the Brooklyn Bridge and Rough Trade and Artists and Fleas...did I mention I LOVE BROOKLYN? Well I do and I also LOVE this little jewelry shop, where I always drag my husband every time. I make it my purpose to buy one piece of jewelry every time I come. I am obsessed with their rings and I have 2 that I wear every day. I keep telling my hubby that there are a zillion more I would love. HINT HINT!!!! I guess Ill have to do my nails each time to match. These look so cute! You can their website out online. But really just do yourself a favor and head down to Bedford Ave and take a peek. While you're there, have some brunch at Juliette's and try the Pepino. It is my favorite drink in the city. 
Norbu Bijoux

Coconut Milk Body Lotion
I am OBSESSED with this lotion. It goes on so lightly and leaves my skin soft and silky smooth. It smells incredible too. I have gotten several compliments on the light fragrance while wearing it. Before I go out, I always apply this on my legs right before I head out the door. It gives them a beautiful sheen without looking oily or overdone. Sidenote: Almost anything coconut scented or made normally gives me an allergic reaction. This is the only product that doesn't. Best part about The Body Shop is that they almost always have sales. I find their products to be so much more refreshing than the overly perfumed products at Bath and Body Works. I also love their line of Shea Butter products. I use that lotion and shower gel as well. 
The Body Shop

MY HAIR!!!!!
Gotta love a selfie shot in the mirror. Normally, I am not a fan of these shots, but this was right after my FABULOUS hair stylist Max finished my masterpiece. I have been going to him for over 6 years and he has never let me down. As for this cut, I have never gotten so many compliments in my life. Ok. Maybe my wedding day which was the BEST DAY EVER...but still. I LOVE MY HAIR!!! Forget Rapunzel...short hair is the new hair my lady friends. PS. I was inspired by Julianne Hough! HEY GIRL! Love your style!! Currently their site is under construction, because the owner (AKA my hair stylist MAX) is currently merging with two other salons in the city. But if you are interested, the salon I go to is on 39th between 8th and 9th can be contacted at- 212-967-1889. ASK for Max! The other is located on the Upper West Side and the new one will be located on the Upper East Side! YAY!

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