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A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park
My sister has been asking me for years to take her to Central Park. In my 7+ years here, I can say I have only actually been there a handful of times.  I have no idea why. Its honestly one of the most beautiful places if not THE MOST beautiful spot in the city. There are so many hidden nooks and crannies within the 843 acre park. So many ponds and lakes, fountains and paths to walk along. I took her near the Loeb Boathouse where she has adamantly requested her 25th birthday to be held, as well as the enchanting Belvedere Castle and colorful Bethesda Terrace and Fountain. There is no other park quite like it. My sister fell in love which of course led us to taking some beautiful photos for the blog. 
Stevie: Dress- Everly Hat: Boutique in Williamsburg Bag: Urban Outfitters- N/A / Mary Kay: Dress- Modcloth

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