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WHITE NIGHT in Brooklyn

Saturday night we ventured off to Brooklyn ( I have never spent so much time in one year in BK as I have this summer so far...LOVE IT) to have fun with some friends at an event in Prospect Park. Handmade Events first introduced this idea of a PopUP in San Francisco back in 2011. A popup is described on their website as pertaining to or executing a spontaneous or unique event where participants create an unexpected, one-of-a-kind experience. The annual event has now spread to 8 cities including, LA, Charleston, San Diego, Twin Cities and more. 
Picture thousands of people all dressed in white, showing off their individual and unique styles decorating their table with amazing decor and dining on delicious spreads of food. Once you have eaten your heart out, a band plays followed by a DJ where everyone dances under the stars and the intimate glow from the twinkly string lights. Ben Folds played last year! The POP UP idea is based off of the fact that the actual location is not announced until 2 hours beforehand. How cool is that? Out of my 7+ years in NY, it was one of the most fun events I have ever taken part of. I can't believe I found out last minute ( a friend of a friend bought tickets months in advance and was unable to attend), but I am so glad we got to join our friends for this fun and special night. We can't wait to go again. Next year, you are all invited!!!!
The Decor
People went all out. I wish I could have taken more photos. I saw place cards, handmade menus, every dessert you could imagine, beautiful glassware and tableware. Everything was fabulous. 
The Parasols ( must have one next year)
Loved everyone's style...
The Music

Shout out to the Sweet Corner Bakeshop for their amazing Red Velvet Nutella Cookies. AMAZING! We were in charge of sweets and since I had no time to bake, I found these bad boys. So delish! If you find yourself in the West Village around Hudson Street....check them out!

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