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Green With Envy

With a busy schedule ahead for their day in Hamilton, New Zealand, the Duchess wore a $3,000 bright green Erdem coat and a green print tea dress by British label, Suzannah. She paired the look with a black Mulberry clutch and black suede Episode Angel heels. According to a Hamilton local, the Duchess told her that Prince William thought the coat to be a bit "too bright." Why the nerve!! I think she looks amazing!! Don't you!?
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 The royal couple arrived together at Hamilton Airport, but soon parted ways for their own engagements.
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While Prince William went on to visit Pacific Aerospace (she probably told him to fly a kite to the moon after his coat diss) , the Duchess went to visit Rainbow Place, a children's hospice. It provides free services that help children and young adults affected by serious illness or the death of a loved one. For the day's big event, the annual tea party took place. This year's theme was Alice in Wonderland. Such timing! Oh to be this little girl.
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Later on she reunited with her dear hubby (hrumph, "too bright"....really) again to visit the town of Cambridge and its war memorial. It is said that the small town has a population of 18,000. The Royals drew a crowd of 15,000! Can you imagine??
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They also went to officially open the National Cycling Center of Excellence and Avantidrome where they unveiled a plaque.
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To mark the occasion, the center presented them with a bike as a gift for Prince George. You can almost tell what they are thinking. "Oh, another gift for Georgie? Wills dear, where are we going to fit all of this on the plane. We have a boat, a plane and now a bike? They do know we have people to drive us around, right?" 
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Budding Heart Silk Tea Dress

What do you think of her look? 

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