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Downton Abbey Inspired Updo's

 Who doesn't ooh and ahh over the hair of  those ladies of Downton? It's almost unimaginable that going days without washing their hair could lead to such beauty. Surely, we are all envious, but  
let us not forget that each lady had their own maid who had the knack to perfect those coifs each day. What a life!

Before the premiere tomorrow night, let us take a look at some of the styles featured on the show. We'll compare each style to some red carpet trends we have seen on your favorite celebrities.

Finger Waves
Lady Edith/Taylor Swift
Lady Edith/Amy Adams

Romantic Updo
Lady Mary/Keira Knightley
Lady Mary/ Lauren Conrad

Loose Braid
Lady Mary/Nicole Kidman

Retro Waves
Lady Sybil/Rose Byrne

Romantic Updo
Lady Sybil/Olivia Palermo

Hair Adornments
Lady Rose/Elizabeth Olsen

Now go out and try some of these looks for yourself!!

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