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Lipstick Promises

Perfect Your POUT
Most of us girls have a box full of lipsticks somewhere. It's filled with tubes that were bought on sale, never to be used, while others may have been worn once, yet never to be applied again. You always convince yourself that you got a deal and promise to wear them when the time is right.  Yet, that time never comes and you have to face the facts. You have an obsession. Of course, you will continue to deny it and vehemently blame it on the quest to find the perfect shade. 

I own one of those boxes myself.  Sure, I'll admit that I like to follow the trends each season, but of course, that comes with a few exceptions.  Let's just say you won't see my lips painted purple or blue anytime soon. Keeping that in mind, I do have my favorites. Unless, I am feeling particularly adventurous for the day, I have two shades that are my "go to" for my regular routines. 

This photo is from my engagement session over the summer. Check out my handsome stud! ;) I wanted a more subtle, less is more,  feel for my makeup during the shoot.  After trying out a few different shades, I settled on Chanel Rouge Allure Gracile #89. I put a layer of Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer #171 Ocean Shimmer over it. First off, Chanel lipstick goes on like smooth butter leaving your lips soft and moisturized. Never, have I worn a lipstick that feels that way. As for lipgloss, you know those moments, when you're walking along and a big gust of wind smacks you right in the face. Inconspicuously, you spend the next minute or so trying to peel your hair from your freshly coated lips. Well, Chanel lipgloss doesnt stick. After hearing this rumor for a while, I can say that it is tried and true ladies. This clear lipgloss added the perfect amount of shimmer to really make my pout pop. I wear this combo almost every day for work and my casual outings. 

* Photography by SJ Bridgeman Photography

Check out those smackers. They are on fiyahhh.  Ladies, I am introducing you to Russian Red by MAC. It is the perfect shade of red. Its a semi-matte formula that really stays. I no longer have to worry about having red lipstick all over my chin after sipping my favorite cocktail. This baby lasts! Even the famed Radio City Rockettes are rumored to use this shade. Im so excited that I could just kick my legs up right now! TA DAAAAA! 

So as the title of this post states, I promise you that these lipsticks are both winners!!

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