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An Introduction to MaKa

Credit: Jessica Leonard Art

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to MaKa! After living in NYC for nearly 8 years, I have found that my style has evolved. Inspired by my surroundings in the fashion capital of the world, I am more willing to follow trends, but only those which suit me. Style will always reflect one's personality, so it is always important to stay true to one's self. This page has been an idea of mine for quite some time, but with an abundance of motivation and encouragement from family and friends, I finally decided to launch the site. MaKa Style was created as a platform for those to discover the latest fashion and beauty trends. The site will also showcase my own looks as a style board for your inspiration. 

The city is my backdrop and I am just setting the style.  

Thank you all for your support!! I would love to do collaborations with brands and or businesses so please contact me if interested!

 Contact me: themakastyle@gmail.com

PS. Shout out and thank you to my friend Jessie for creating my masterpiece of a  logo! She is an amazing artist so make sure to check out more of her work a


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